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"Our Boy Dolls Are Boys From The Start!"

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Reasons to choose My Sibling Dolls:
  • Unique and original: Our boy dolls are boy dolls right from the start!
  • High Quality: Our dolls have rooted hair, their eyes open and close, and most clothing is made in USA.
  • Educational: Each doll comes with a booklet containing a lesson.
  • Focus on caring: We provide work to adults with disabilities in a local sheltered workshop. We make and sell autism awareness items to further our mission.
Welcome to My Sibling and My Pal dolls – I am Loretta Boronat, pictured here with my husband and business partner, Alex. We created this line of 18 inch boy dolls to fulfill the needs of customers like you who are looking for boy dolls as companions for their children. Please watch and listen to the video, to learn more about the reason our focus is on boy dolls. We are so happy you found us, and we hope that you will take a moment to read about us, to see that our mission goes far beyond producing high quality dolls! We provide work for adults with disabilities in a local sheltered workshop, and we advocate for more services for them. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thanks for visiting!
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About My Sibling & My Pal Dolls

LorettaRose, LLC is a family-owned company whose mission is to produce high quality dolls and plush toys with theme booklets for children to learn from and enjoy. Our focus is on raising children’s social consciousness about caring for their peers and environment. We educate the public about the need for more services for teens and adults with developmental differences, and we provide work experiences and training to these individuals. Many of our products are made in the USA.
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