Work Experience Program

Work Program

Our company recognizes that there are very few employment options available to adults with disabilities. Having personal and professional experience in education and advocacy for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities, we are committed to doing whatever we can to bring opportunities to adults who might not otherwise have a chance to work on a rewarding and interesting job, designed to their level of ability.

We have collaborated with the administration and staff at a local sheltered workshop to offer work to the adult workers that have the skills to outfit, label, package and store our dolls. We provide training and assistance whenever possible to workers who want to challenge themselves to do something new. They can also become involved in other work, such as building, padding and lining boxes, and other aspects of the shipping process. We are always striving to develop more opportunities for these adults, by optimizing their abilities and overlooking the stumbling blocks in the way we design the jobs. Soon they will be given a chance to print, collate, staple and fold our booklets.  
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